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Stephanie Lempert Studio Visit March 18th 2009

Stephanie Lempert’s work concentrates on various systems of communication, both literal and invented. Lempert uses a wide variety of media including sculpture, photography and video. By focusing viewers on small moments, they discover that all is not as it appears at first glance. Often using humor, Lempert attempts to stimulate the viewer to go beyond what they recognize as reality by immersing them in a created environment. By having a set storyline, she allows the viewer to interact with the piece at their own pace. Lempert is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and has exhibited her work internationally.


Left to Right - Meghan Petras, Stephanie Lempert, Milton Stevenson, Jonathan Peck


Amanda Lechner


Left to Right - Stephanie Lempert, Bohyun Yoon, Meghan Petras


Jonathan Peck


Stephanie Lempert Studio Visit Synopsis and Discussion Links.

During the studio visit with Stephanie Lempert on March 18th 2009, the group discussion focused on the intricacies of developing artworks that respond or relate to language, memory, and nature. In many of her pieces Lempert attempts to decode hidden messages from source materials of the natural world; dog tails, bird noises, peoples’ wrinkles, etc.  For example, in “Read My Lips” a single channel video of goldfish swimming in a tank, Lempert has enlisted the aid of a speech analyst to review footage of the fish and then decipher what words they may be speaking. During this studio visit the group debated how much authorial control the artist has when incorporating animals and other aspects of the natural world, as well as the legitimacy of supplemental expert opinion as a component of artistic inquiry. Lempert’s interest in the play, mimicry, and translation provide a light-hearted and entertaining perspective to the subtle aspects to the world around us.

-Dustin Dennis & Rachel Frank

*Notice that Tim Roth stars in Lie To Me and also appears in Sam Taylor Wood’s Crying Men Series.

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Rachel Frank Studio Visit February 18th 2009

Studio Fuse’s recent studio visit was at Rachel Frank’s studio.



I have been using the techniques of wood parquetry and inlay to explore how intricate designs such as Islamic and optical illusion patterns can formally inform and subvert three-dimensional sculptures. I am trying to harness the cosmological implications of each of these formal languages in both public and personal frameworks: How the geometry within the platforms connotes violence; how these objects in space deal with the absence and loss of death. Making reference to domestic objects like coffee tables and vanities, I’m trying to suggest how cosmological frameworks can organically penetrate into private spaces. Within the platforms, transformations appear—hundreds of threads are sewn off the edges, while mirrors cross-section patterned fields, both extending and mutating the geometry into imagined space. The mirror boxes, one of which is in “Blurred Folds of a Black Aureole”, are constructed in such a way that the deep space box only reflects light and not any outside images, making the space inside the box appear to go on infinitely. Through these intimate geometries, I am determining how the work can suggest infinite space as a reflection on violence and loss. –Rachel Frank

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