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Brian Zegeer – Artists: Diversify your hustle!

time_out1Brian Zegeer – Time Out New York – Diversify your hustle!

Sharing is caring. Zegeer lists a number of useful resources for the surviving artist.


Quint Stevenson Studio Visit May 6th 2009


Left to Right - Ginny Casey, Hugo Montoya, Maria Berrio


Anna Mikhailovskaia


Milton Stevenson

m_stevenson_01m_stevenson_02m_stevenson_03m_stevenson_05Milton F Stevenson V (Quint) was born in Syracuse New York. He is an interdisciplinary artist who works in performance, sculpture, photography, drawing and video. In 2008 he received his MFA in Sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design. In the past year he has been working on an hour artist’s performance piece/lecture that he has presented at Syracuse University, Brown University, Emerson College and Rhode Island College. In 2004 he received his BFA in Sculpture from the Kansas City Art Institute. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

“With humor, energy, and a touch of vitriol, Milton Stevenson’s groupings of works pose important questions about how to find meaning within the morass of visual and idealogical information with which we are surrounded, drawing from sources rooted in food, fashion,  signage, logos, Hollywood and music. His expressive and “unrefined” style serves to underscore the relationship between the personal and the social and to explore the artist’s role in shedding light on the particularities of our historical moment.” -Curator Anne Ellegood on Milton F Stevenson V, April 2007

Milton (Quint) Stevenson Studio Visit Synopsis and Discussion Links.
During the studio visit with Milton Stevenson on May 6th 2009 the group discussed the state of commodity culture as it pertains to contemporary art and Stevenson’s Installations, Paintings, and Video.
Stevenson presented an hour long video presentation/performance narrating over a vast collection of imagery sourced from the internet, tabloids, product advertisements, video games, and the nightly television news mixed with images of his own constructed sculptures and installations.
The group also discussed Stevenson’s investment in politicized mass media trends.

-Dustin Dennis

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