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Amanda Lechner Studio Visit July 22nd 2009

Amanda Lechner – blog


Amanda Lechner


Left to Right: Sara Saltzman, Jacob Goble, Matt Bollinger, Rachel Frank, Amanda Lechner


Andrew Prayzner


Sara Saltzman


Amanda Lechner



Amanda Lechner Studio Visit Synopsis and Discussion Links.
During Amanda Lechner’s studio visit on July 22nd 2009 the group discussed her recent body of work, a two wall installation of drawings. Lechner’s mixed media assemblage of drawings (comprised of graphite, goauche, acrylic paint, and ink) fused a vocabulary of figuration, abstraction, text, and geological land formation references.
The group discussion focused on Lechner’s use of the corporeal form and the integration of abstraction in her work.
The discussion also included the different functions of text in visual art and how the text relates to the narrative and formal composition of Lechner’s work.
-Dustin Dennis

Studio Visit and Discussion Links:

Neo Rauch @ David Zwirner
Hernan Bas
Hernan Bas @ Lehmann Maupin

Matthew Ritchie
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Otto Dix
Max Ernst
George Grosz

William Kentridge

X Files. Ep. 121-604 “DreamLand 1″ During her studio visit Amanda spoke of an episode of the x files entitled DreamLand 1. In this episode a top secret government spacecraft creates a space-time continuum distortion yielding a lizard and a rock occupying the same space and time.


Cortney Andrews Studio Visit July 7th 2009

Cortney Andrews – website


Cortney Andrews


Left to Right - Yuka Otani, Talia Chetrit


Cortney Andrews Studio Visit Synopsis and Discussion Links.
During the Cortney Andrews’ studio visit on July 7th 2009 the group discussed her most recent body of photographs and a two channel video installation. This series of photographs included semi-narrative propositions focused on physiological and psychological tension as well as visual and optical disruption. The tension between the figures in the photos and their surroundings spurred discussion about the apparent difference in attitude within the domestic interiors and the landscape scenes in the series. The group also discussed ideas relating to scale, venue, surrogate surface, ambiguity in expression of emotion, desire, theatricality, and the duality of love and death.

-Amanda Lechner

Studio Visit and Discussion Links:

Yang Fudong, Seven Intellectuals in a Bamboo Forest
Andy Warhol – Blow Job
Francesca Woodman
Nan Goldin
Naomi Fisher
Hans Bellmer
Antonin Artaud
Catherine Deneuve

La petite mort
“Surrogate Surfaces” Bachelors by Rosalind Krauss

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