AND Studio Visit – September 30th 2009

AND visit 05

Ziad Naccache, Jeanne Jo, Niels Cosman

Ziad Naccache, Jeanne Jo, Niels Cosman

AND visit 06

Studio Visit Synopsis:

AND is a collaboration between Audra Wolowiec and Niels Cosman that merges and reacts to a variety of disciplines including science, science fiction, design, sculpture, performance, natural history, and hoax.

The studio visit group viewed a series of Urban Meteorites from AND’s Department of Mineral Science. AND’s official language to describe Urban Meteorites is that of a “Golden Guide” or Junior High style field log. The descriptions and maps are used to explain complex processes in a matter-of-fact manner to the lay observer. Differing from a text book however, AND is intentionally creating a science based fiction as the supporting materials for Urban Meteorites. Urban Meteorites and Urban Tektites are composed of common detritus of industrial and post-industrial areas, broken automobile glass and concrete. These cast sculptural objects have a few possible presentations: as a museum exhibition scenario complete with vitrine, a keepsake to hold, a discovery on a Brooklyn sidewalk, or a piece of contemporary design or furniture. The blurred lines between contexts and functionality were topics of contention during the group discussion. The group debated the boundaries and differences in language between art and science and where AND’s projects fit into this continuum. Attendees questioned who the appropriate audience is for the work: art collectors, geology buffs, or true believers. This discussion of audience led the group to debate the ethics and art of hoaxing and the difference between hoax and fiction.

-Amanda Lechner

Discussion/Suggested Links :

Walmor Corrêa

Cryptozoology: Out of Time and Space (exhibition)

Laurie Anderson at NASA

Mark Dion

Franz West

Christine Hill

Secret Science Club

Bigfoot Research Institute “He exists because we exist!”

Morbid Anatomy

Observatory Room

UFO Contest, hosted by Joshua P. Warren

AND visit 07

AND visit 08

Studio AND is a collaboration between Niels Cosman and Audra Wolowiec. They share a studio in Brooklyn, New York where they make projects that exist somewhere between fact and fiction, art and design. They started working together while students at the Rhode Island School of Design and have been featured at Model Citizens NYC during the 2009 Design Week at Exit Art and at the 2009 ConfluxCity Festival. More about their project, Urban Meteorites, can be seen on their website



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