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Ziad Naccache -Studio Visit

Ziad Naccache – December 7th,2009 (Greenpoint)

Ziad Naccache

Kris Chatterson, Beth Cooper

Brian Zegeer, Kris Chatterson

Amanda Lechner


“Are you minimalist or are you funky?

Ziad Naccache’s current group of paintings occupy a curious area between structural minimal abstraction and emoticon signage. The size and vertical format of these paintings is that of portraiture, but the scale of the geometric faces proportionally large enough to slightly dwarf the viewer and nearly touch the edges of the canvases. Participants in the discussion debated whether this scale is aggressively confrontational or if the paintings are humorously humanized in their historical, color and emotional content. This body of paintings employs the full color wheel and black; the group discussed whether this aspect promotes the pieces being tasteful, decorative, gauche or diffident. Participants reacted to the connection/disconnect between the emotional, abstract and color elements in the paintings and how these relationships play out in Ziad’s drawings and supporting ephemera on the adjacent walls.

Amanda Lechner

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