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Jeanne Jo – Studio Visit – March 24th, 2010

Studio Visit – Jeanne Jo -March 24th 2010 Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, NY

Studio Fuse is pleased to announce a group visit and discussion with artist Jeanne Jo.

Jeanne Jo, Christopher Ulivo, Lisa Kettlewell, Tracey Goodman

Tracey Goodman, Lisa Kettlewell, Vince Contarino, Milton Stevenson, Rachel Frank

Jeanne Jo

At first it seemed that the projects Jeanne Jo presented during her studio visit were a departure from her adventure performance/videos, but upon further inspection there are several commonalities. Like some of her prior work, the pieces presented incorporate language, action and a subversion of materials and ideas usually associated with traditionally female handicrafts. The two projects use a simple alfa-numeric code to spell out letters, spaces, and words using crochet knots– an encryption process that may be accessible to people fluent in the processes of knitting or crochet. One of the pieces exists as an over-looping line of crochet stitches that is similar in appearance to handwritten script; the other has a strong resemblance to a rolled up scarf in form, but by adding the dropped stitches, it looks as though it could be read by a player piano. The text that Jeanne has encrypted though the crocheted code is from a treasured letter sent to her by a lost sender.

Participants at the studio visit discussed whether the material in the sculptures matched the sentiment of the two pieces and how the viewer should interact with and move through each piece. The possibility of physically experiencing the work through touching brought up a conversation on the materiality of crochet knot counting and its similarities to the devotional use of prayer or rosary beads. The group also considered Jeanne’s plan to engineer a computer program that would encrypt any letter or text into a knitting or crochet pattern.

-Amanda Lechner

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