The Conditional Mosque – Gallery Visit

The Conditional Mosque
Janus Project
6023 9th Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11220
January 2 – 29, 2011
Closing Reception: Friday, January 28th from 7 – 11pm

The Conditional Mosque is the third exhibition at Janus Project, a new experimental project space in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Featuring a range of work by emerging artists Haseeb Ahmed, Azra Akasimja, Azin Feizabadi and Em Meine, the show initiates a discussion about the mosque as a cultural and symbolic icon: By bracketing out all but form, a religious object is no longer strictly religious as such. The aestheticization of religious form has the ability to liquidate it entirely, but also open it up to a multitude of new interpretations.

Detail of painting by Em Meine

Installation by Haseeb Ahmed

Detail of installation by Haseeb Ahmed


The exhibition space, previously inhabited as a family dwelling, occupies two floors of a large house with converted living spaces above. The hybrid architectural styles and domestic setting lend layered readings of the work that temporarily coexists within its walls. Founder and curator Chris Mansour (also a contributor at Platypus and 491) talks about the space in an excerpt from the website:

This place has existed before, but it has not always, nor will it. Through the depths of the earth beneath this space’s foundation all the way up to the limits of the sky above its roof, resides the residue of what once was—what was once lived, thought, and experienced, stretching back till time immemorial. This very moment yields the potential of experiencing the perspective of Janus, reinventing both the past once lived, and the future to come.

The exhibition is open by appointment through the end of January and a closing reception will be held Friday, January 28th from 7 – 11pm.

-Audra Wolowiec


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