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Years Active 2009 – 2012

Studio Fuse  Statement:

Studio Fuse was an alliance of visual arts professionals founded in January of 2009 by Amanda Lechner, Bohyun Yoon, Dustin Dennis, Rachel Frank, and Stephanie Lempert.

Our mission was to create and foster open dialogue concerning contemporary art in the form of group studio critiques, organized group projects, and an art blog. Studio Fuse was designed to create a critical productive environment that assisted artists with useful opinions and information.

Serving as an artist community outside of academia we kept participants adept in studio discourse, events, exhibitions, and opportunities.

Participants were active in a variety of practices such as sculpture, painting, performance, photography, digital media, video, sound, and installation. Studio critiques provided opportunities for artists to discuss recent works in an analytical context, share professional tips, technical knowledge, and discuss issues pertaining to contemporary art.


Studio visits are no longer being scheduled at this time. This blog serves as an archive for the studio visits and events that took place between 2009 – 2012.


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For prompt responses, please contact the Former Directors through their personal pages.


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