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Amanda Lechner – Studio Visit – October 29th, 2011

Studio Visit: Amanda Lechner
Date: Saturday, October 29th, 2011
Location: Brooklyn, NY

In her most recent series of egg-tempera paintings and ink drawings, Amanda Lechner pulls from the history of optics and art to invent speculative narratives.


Jeanne Jo – Studio Visit – March 24th, 2010

Studio Visit – Jeanne Jo -March 24th 2010 Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, NY

Studio Fuse is pleased to announce a group visit and discussion with artist Jeanne Jo.

Jeanne Jo, Christopher Ulivo, Lisa Kettlewell, Tracey Goodman

Tracey Goodman, Lisa Kettlewell, Vince Contarino, Milton Stevenson, Rachel Frank

Jeanne Jo

At first it seemed that the projects Jeanne Jo presented during her studio visit were a departure from her adventure performance/videos, but upon further inspection there are several commonalities. Like some of her prior work, the pieces presented incorporate language, action and a subversion of materials and ideas usually associated with traditionally female handicrafts. The two projects use a simple alfa-numeric code to spell out letters, spaces, and words using crochet knots– an encryption process that may be accessible to people fluent in the processes of knitting or crochet. One of the pieces exists as an over-looping line of crochet stitches that is similar in appearance to handwritten script; the other has a strong resemblance to a rolled up scarf in form, but by adding the dropped stitches, it looks as though it could be read by a player piano. The text that Jeanne has encrypted though the crocheted code is from a treasured letter sent to her by a lost sender.

Participants at the studio visit discussed whether the material in the sculptures matched the sentiment of the two pieces and how the viewer should interact with and move through each piece. The possibility of physically experiencing the work through touching brought up a conversation on the materiality of crochet knot counting and its similarities to the devotional use of prayer or rosary beads. The group also considered Jeanne’s plan to engineer a computer program that would encrypt any letter or text into a knitting or crochet pattern.

-Amanda Lechner

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Ziad Naccache -Studio Visit

Ziad Naccache – December 7th,2009 (Greenpoint)

Ziad Naccache

Kris Chatterson, Beth Cooper

Brian Zegeer, Kris Chatterson

Amanda Lechner


“Are you minimalist or are you funky?

Ziad Naccache’s current group of paintings occupy a curious area between structural minimal abstraction and emoticon signage. The size and vertical format of these paintings is that of portraiture, but the scale of the geometric faces proportionally large enough to slightly dwarf the viewer and nearly touch the edges of the canvases. Participants in the discussion debated whether this scale is aggressively confrontational or if the paintings are humorously humanized in their historical, color and emotional content. This body of paintings employs the full color wheel and black; the group discussed whether this aspect promotes the pieces being tasteful, decorative, gauche or diffident. Participants reacted to the connection/disconnect between the emotional, abstract and color elements in the paintings and how these relationships play out in Ziad’s drawings and supporting ephemera on the adjacent walls.

Amanda Lechner

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Yuka Otani – Studio Visit – November 18th, 2009

Yuka OtaniNovember 18th, 2009 (Bushwick)

“My work creates a membrane that shifts viewer’s perception in physical and cognitive spaces.Through the lenses of phenomenological and sociological studies, I explore clear materials; primarily glass, water, melted sugar, and light. Those materials are indeterminate and elusive. They are poised for change.”
—Yuka Otani

Yuka Otani

Brian Zegeer, Dustin Dennis

Brian Zegeer, Andrew Prazner, Rachel Frank, Niels Cosman

Jeanne Jo, Christopher Martin

Yuka Otani’s practice comes from a conceptual approach to the ideas of glass, reflection and impermanence. Her projects combine these ideas with social issues resulting in physical interactions with the ephemeral. Lately Yuka has taken a “not glass” approach to glass ideas and processes to expand her understanding and outlook. The projects that Yuka presented during her studio visit were a collection of glassware tumblers and flutes cast in hard sugar candy, photographs of blown sugar vessels as they deformed and dissolved, and a video that combined shots of Yuka blowing glass and sugar. During the visit Yuka invited all the participants to drink from the sugar glasses. Some glasses dissolved and sprung leaks while others stayed intact long enough to be eaten.The group discovered that the sugar-glasses will change over time depending on the atmospheric exponents in their exhibition space. The glassware may slump, become opaque, liquefy or become otherwise volatile. The group discussed the poetic, practical and conceptual implications of this volatility and what may be involved in the use or exhibition of the sugar-glass objects. The specific shapes of the glasses were also discussed in tandem with glass history and commodity as it pertains to art objects. Participants questioned whether the form should be more specific to the sugar material and function or whether generic forms are more appropriate so as to focus attention on the ideas behind the project.-Amanda Lechner

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Ivin Ballen Studio Visit – November 4th, 2009

Ballen_01image courtesy of Ivin Ballen and Winkleman Gallery

“The artist Ivin Ballen’s buoyant renderings of networks and global production systems express a bracing, “thoroughly modern” sensibility and an interest in the existing, and potential, links between consumption and well being.”

—Lynn Crawford, The Brooklyn Rail, February, 2008

Ballen 04

Jeanne Jo, Audra Wolowiec, Ziad Naccache, Rick Siggins

Ballen 03

Ziad Naccache, Kaveri Nair

Ziad Naccache, Kaveri Nair

Ballen 01

Ballen 05

Stephanie Lempert, Ziad Naccache, Meghan Petras

Ballen 02

Discussion of Ivin Ballen’s work took place at Ivin’s second solo exhibition “Sleepless in Seattle” at Winkleman Gallery in Chelsea. Ivin’s relief sculpture/paintings occupied the walls. A hand-built stage and a PA system, with a surface treatment similar to the wall pieces, filled the center of the room. Over the course of the exhibition, Ivin invited several emerging New York bands to perform on his stage.

While never absolutely answered, the question, “Is this Painting or Sculpture?” was voiced early in the discussion and seemed to linger just under the surface of the discussion throughout. Also debated was the link Ivin’s project promotes between visual art and music performance and the issues engaged by turning a commercial gallery into a live music venue.

Painted casts of negative space were viewed and discussed across the empty stage. Participants in the conversation talked about how the work engages absence through the process in which it is made and presented. The work in the show prompted discussion of several divided themes, some almost diametrically opposed: improvisation and permanence, object-hood and trompe l’eole, absence and performance, sarcasm and genuineness, optimism and negation, homage and critique, symptom and reaction.

-Amanda Lechner & Rachel Frank

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Sleep in it – “Cardboard Box” Duvet Cover

(A collaborative piece with Mayen Alcantara)

Plexiglas, water, pump, wood, video



yuka otani

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Amanda Lechner Studio Visit July 22nd 2009

Amanda Lechner – blog


Amanda Lechner


Left to Right: Sara Saltzman, Jacob Goble, Matt Bollinger, Rachel Frank, Amanda Lechner


Andrew Prayzner


Sara Saltzman


Amanda Lechner



Amanda Lechner Studio Visit Synopsis and Discussion Links.
During Amanda Lechner’s studio visit on July 22nd 2009 the group discussed her recent body of work, a two wall installation of drawings. Lechner’s mixed media assemblage of drawings (comprised of graphite, goauche, acrylic paint, and ink) fused a vocabulary of figuration, abstraction, text, and geological land formation references.
The group discussion focused on Lechner’s use of the corporeal form and the integration of abstraction in her work.
The discussion also included the different functions of text in visual art and how the text relates to the narrative and formal composition of Lechner’s work.
-Dustin Dennis

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X Files. Ep. 121-604 “DreamLand 1″ During her studio visit Amanda spoke of an episode of the x files entitled DreamLand 1. In this episode a top secret government spacecraft creates a space-time continuum distortion yielding a lizard and a rock occupying the same space and time.

Amanda Lechner in New American Paintings

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